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About NEHH

About NEHH We here at NEHH would like to thank New England artists and fans alike for a great 2011. You have proven to us this is worth continuing and bringing to the next level. We look forward to working with you all further to bring this well deserved attention to our region.

Here at www.NewEnglandHipHop.com (NEHH) we strive to put an end to the separation and bring together the 6 states of our New England region (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, & Vermont). As a whole we are much more powerful, so artists and fans step forward and join the movement. With power in numbers New England Hip-Hop WILL be heard.


Anyone who visits NEHH can sign up for a MEMBER page FREE. Fans and supporters are an integral part to the movement, so be sure to comment and share your opinions often to help our region's talent progress. Please try to be constructive.

You cannot create an ARTIST page on your own. You must submit your info to be up for consideration by the NEHH staff (see GUIDELINES FOR SUBMISSIONS).

Artists are encouraged to create their own MEMBER page as well to network, show support to their fellow New England artists, and stay in contact with their fans. Positivity and unity is the only way we will all succeed. It's time to put aside the differences and support each other for the greater good.

Only serious inquiries are accepted for ARTIST pages (properly recorded music and decent pictures are a MUST). We have the right to deny any entries due to subpar material.

We figure people have so many sites to look after already (myspace, facebook, twitter, etc) so we run the artist page for you and make the updates when you supply us with the necessary information.

From the artists we need a bio, pictures (jpeg files ONLY), music (mp3 files ONLY), videos (embed links ONLY), live event info, etc. By having an artist page on NEHH you give us the permission to use any pictures and music you may have.

Whenever submitting new music or videos you MUST include song name, list of features, producer's name, the title of the project the song or video comes from, release dates etc. The more information supplied to us the better your news plugs will be. Lack of necessary information accompanying your music can result in your submissions being overlooked.

We offer a variety of different pages including: Features, Artist Directory, Member Directory, Video, Gallery, Blogs, Stations, Events Calendar, Reviews, Charts, Store, Poetry, NE Honeys, and also an artist Promo Page. Our site is also available in many other languages (as seen by the flags at the top right hand side of the home page) for our overseas viewers making it possible to expand YOUR fan base beyond our region and across the globe. We also have a digital store so you can sell your music to the fans, and banner advertisements are available to further promote your show, new CD, new video, etc.

Please feel free to contact us at any time as we are here for YOU. Let's make this happen New England.

Email: NEHHmp3@gmail.com