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Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Massachusetts (MA)
Signed up: 17 Mar 2010 02:20 PM
Real Name: Randy
Gender: Male
eMail: n/a

About me

Copy the link below to download The Life I Dream Mixtape.

Rancid Child is a Hip Hop Artist/songwriter from Taunton MA.
Although he spent over seven years living in Florida. In his time living down south. He got most of his influences in music as well as life. Rancid Child grew up surrounded by all type of music from Country to southern rock, but his favorite has always been rap for as long as he can remember. “I just like the way you can express yourself, and not have to censor your thoughts or emotions through the music. Also that it doesn’t always have to be about sad moments or going crazy. It can be about anything you’ve been through or felt.” Rancid Childs biggest influences come from both rap and rock from Juelz Santana to Linking Park. In the year 2000 at only twelve years old Rancid Child wrote his very first song. Although it was in 2004 when Rancid Child released his first recorded song. Which was in fact was not his greatest song. So he took some time and wrote a new song. Which came shortly after experiencing a life altering event that changed the way he thought of life. It was titled “No Turning Back”. The song hit big with his local peers and he soon began his purist on what he finally realized he was meant to do.
From there on in he stayed working hard
and steady trying to master his craft.

In the past two years Rancid Child has built a strong reputation in the music scene. He released his debut mix tape “The Life I Dream” in August of 2008. As a digital download album, but is soon to re-release the mix tape as a fully pressed CD. With Rancid Child's Music Is Life style he has grown with his population over Myspace and the net. Which in return has helped him get recognition all over the country.
Rancid Child has been featured on many mix tapes.
For one example G-Diggz Productions
“ Tales From The Underground Vol.1”.

Rancid Child has worked with
producers, engineers, and artists such as:
Fedd Hill, Sinical, Lingo, Rob D,
Critty, Big Kurt, Dwayne Pina, Scarecrow Hill,
B'Loco, of Hy-Town Records,
Who are all well know throught MASS and R.I. areas.
With Rancid Childs drive and ambition
he is sure to achieve much greatness.

The Reason Rancid Child chose to name his independent promotional label M.I.L.E. aka THE M.I.L.E. Was for the fact that Music is Life, and all life is. Is just one long road. That we all take one miile at a time.

Rancid Child recently stated the following:
"Music is my Life. Every minute I get alone it's strictly music. Even most when I'm in my car. The music is blasting because it just hypes me up. It is what starts my day. Every thing I do in my life reflects from music. I think everyone. Actually I could probably gaurentee. That a everyone that listens to a song. Listens to that song because it relates to
them in some way. That's what music is supposed to do."

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