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Featured: Jon Hope

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Avg 2.5/5

Total of 1705 votes
Total Plays (3,337)
Artist Genre: Hip-Hop
Country: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Rhode Island (RI)
Account: Artist Quota

Artist Bio:

Providence, RI Ever since he emerged on the Hip Hop scene is 2005, Jon Hope has been steadily climbing up the Hip Hop ladder as one the premier lyricists in the rap game today. His passionate rhymes and unique perspective have given him an edge... More..

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User Image
By Martha 19 Sep 2016 03:07 PM Reply

A artist with class mmm

User Image
By Gina 19 Feb 2016 05:44 PM Reply

"A GUY NAMED HARRY" i like that name

User Image
By Loving Vermont 17 Feb 2016 09:27 PM Reply

Lyrical with the flow,i love it

User Image
By joanbethegirl 07 Apr 2014 10:15 AM Reply

Love the new video mr hope

User Image
By Kush Youngsta 23 Mar 2014 01:57 AM Reply

Ready to hear some new stuff from him

User Image
By Ct Mack 11 Sep 2012 09:47 PM Reply

love the new cd keep it coming

User Image
By Poker Vt 10 May 2012 12:08 AM Reply

going to cop his new album friday

User Image
By Kush Youngsta 22 Mar 2012 08:11 AM Reply

real lyrical dude

User Image
By Denise 27 Jul 2010 10:06 PM Reply

Luv it bytch. I know I have seen him before.

User Image
By Miss Riva 22 Jul 2010 07:39 PM Reply

Hott music forreal. Wuddup frum Da Riv!

User Image
By SKANDALIS GANG 26 May 2010 11:18 PM Reply



User Image
By Ricky Stix 12 Apr 2010 12:05 PM Reply

great music jon!

User Image
By -LEF- 27 Mar 2010 09:51 AM Reply


User Image
By Gina 08 Feb 2010 10:14 AM Reply

u rock i love all the songs so far

User Image
By Reed 26 Jan 2010 02:46 PM Reply

he can spit can hate on the lyrical shit

User Image
By J-BiggzNEHH 02 Apr 2009 04:11 PM Reply

Jon Hope represents that real Hip-Hop. His inspiring and intelligent lyrics along with a smooth flow proves just that. There is no doubt in my mind that he can bring notoreity on a national level to his native Providence, Rhode Island as well as the rest of New England.

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