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By admin 11 Oct 2017 01:48 PM Tag: Latest 0 comments, leave your own!

Antonio Breez "No Way" AUDIO

Antonio Breez
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With less than two weeks before the release of his sophomore album, Antonio Breez surprises his fans with " No Way". He says that the radio support he has received over seas in the U.K along with the premiers on Shade 45, and all of his local surrounding stations he felt that he owed it to the people to make the single tangible

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"No Way" is a cocky melody written by Breez, produced by Bank Roll Got it. In it Breez delivers brutal bars like " My D*** the only thing F***** with me" , and " I call them Mariah Carey Wanna -Be's , too many fake emcees ". After a summer full of freestyle music videos back to back , Breez comes with a twist. This here is an original, and yet he still showcases his lyrical genius. The Migration Narrative Drops October 13th. Be on the lookout.

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