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By admin 21 Feb 2010 02:04 AM Tag: Latest 24 comments, leave your own!

Slaine NEHH Interview

Slaine NEHH Interview
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Boston emcee/ actor Slaine is certainly one of the biggest names in Hip-Hop in our New England region, and has been gaining notoriety across the globe. From being in such rap groups as La Coka Nostra and Special Teamz to acting in two Ben Affleck directed films, Slaine is emerging as a superstar. He reached out to us so he could connect with his home fans and give us some info on his new CD releases as well as his new film.

J-Biggz: Slaine what's good my dude? Thank you for reaching out to www.NewEnglandHipHop.com. We know you're busy so it's appreciated that you wanted to do this.

Slaine: No doubt. Being busy is a good problem to have. As you know I've been posting on RepDaBean for a few years now, and definitely stay up on Boston artists and New England artists as much as I can.

J-Biggz: It was good catching up with you at the Ill Bill show at Jerky's Live Music Hall in Providence. How did you like that show, and have you performed there before?

Slaine: That was either the second or third time I have performed there. I like that spot. It's a good venue, even though it isn't huge, it is always pretty hype as far as the fans there. The bartender even remembered my drink and sent up some Jameson and Ginger on stage in a pitcher.

J-Biggz: I saw that haha. Let's get right into your upcoming solo material. This year you will be releasing your first solo project since 2006's successful "White Man Is the Devil" mixtape. First you will be dropping an EP as a prelude to your album. What details do you have about this project?

Slaine: Yeah I did Volume 1 and 2 of that from 2005 to 2007. Since they were street releases and started with such short runs originally they didn't actually have official release dates. The demand grew and we printed more and a few years went by and they kind of were the foundation of what really propelled me to where I am at now. In late 2007 we released the Special Teamz album on Duckdown, and in 2009 we released the Coka album on Subnoize.

All along I have been recording solo stuff and been really hyper critical of my shit. I knew that after the two group albums came out that I would be hitting it hard on my own for a stretch. The groups are a blessing and I love all those guys, but now the time is right for me to go back to my roots as a solo artist and really go in. So I will have a lot of material coming out this year. I am working on the business aspect of how and when it gets released exactly, but it looks like EP in the late spring, album in the fall, and possibly a mixtape in between the two.

J-Biggz: Next will come your highly anticipated debut album "The World with No Skies". Tell us any other information you may have at this point.

Slaine: Everything on the album is unreleased. Almost everything is actually completely unheard except for a few songs I have tested live at various points. But it is all pretty aggressive, and cinematic. I think it is pretty ambitious artistically. I have tried to hold a really high standard, and also to make it sound different than anything else I have put out or been affiliated with to date. I wanted it to really have a unique sound, but also obviously be me at the same time.

J-Biggz: Now an EP and an album sounds like a pretty productive year as it is, but you also have the major motion picture "The Town" directed by Ben Affleck hitting theaters on September 10th. As many people already know you played Bubba in Affleck's directorial debut "Gone Baby Gone". Tell us how both of these acting roles came about, and please share whatever information you can about your character and the movie.

Slaine: Well the first one came about kind of randomly. Chris Faraone had written an article in The Boston Herald about me, and La Coka getting together. Ben Affleck was casting "Gone Baby Gone" at the time, and wanted me to come in to read. I auditioned 5 times, he fought with the studio to get the random guy with no acting experience into his movie, and the rest is history. The second one, I obviously had a relationship with Ben from before, but I don't think he saw a role for me originally. I read for some smaller stuff, and got called in to read for one of the bigger roles as one of the Charlestown bank robbers. I had hung in Charlestown from time to time in high school...so I did my audition with a little Townie wrinkle on it and ended up getting offered the part. This time I worked on the film for 13 weeks, so it was a much different experience. I really got to get into the role and develop an everyday relationship with the cast and crew. It was really one of the best times of my life to be honest. I can't wait to see the movie, because I really think it is going to be dope.

J-Biggz: I'm looking forward to seeing it myself because "Gone Baby Gone" was a dope flick. I dig Affleck's vision and he seems to really showcase the Boston area with a certain realness that has been missing in some other Boston-based films. So do you really enjoy acting, and is it something you would like to pursue even further? Also what do you like more, making movies or making music?

Slaine: I like both. Music took me out of some dark places and brought me around the world. It was always the language that I expressed myself in artistically, and performing in front of tens of thousands of people singing your songs is an incredible rush. But I also think that acting, and film making in general is new to me, and something that I can see myself really doing and challenging myself with for the rest of my life. In the beginning I liked Hip-Hop because the freedom it gave me. There were no rules to how to write something or what you could or couldn't say or do. I still love locking myself in the studio and spilling my guts, but if I am being honest, I am tired of the game and all the bullshit that comes with it. I will continue to make music and write for a lot longer than I will do it as a means to support my family. In other words when it comes to the music business, I love the music and hate the business. That's just the way I'm feeling lately though. I have a few more albums in me, and then I will analyze what my future holds. In the meantime I'll be doing movies and music.

J-Biggz: You know we have to mention La Coka Nostra and the album "A Brand You Can Trust" as well. How did your involvement in the group come about, and over all man, just how has the whole experience been? I know LCN has quite a following.

Slaine: I was working with Danny Boy and Lethal on a solo tip, which evolved into a group with a few other cats, and that was kind of the beginnings of La Coka, called The Knockout Kingz. That kind of fizzled, but I continued working with those guys. I did a song with Everlast, and right around the same time Bill and I had been talking and Everlast and him did a joint together. We all ended up in LA at the same time after that, and recorded like 9 songs in a week. We had such a good time, and it generated so much hype when we leaked those tracks that it turned into a group. That's kind of the short version I guess. We all were friends through friends over a long period of time. Danny Boy was the catalyst for the whole thing though.

For me, it has been a dream come true to work with these guys. The first Hip-Hop show I ever went to was Cypress Hill and House of Pain in 1993. I think it was a week before I turned 16. So to be making records and touring with all those guys was stranger than fiction in the beginning. At this point we are crew, and I consider them all friends music or no music, but it has been a blessing to be a part of the movement and watch it all unfold. I also love the album we made, and the videos. To chart on Billboard with an indie record that was as grimy and hardcore as it was, was cool. Like we always say, its a beautiful thing.

J-Biggz: Now I saw you and La Coka Nostra peform during the Rock the Bells tour last summer at its stop in Mansfield, MA. It was definitely one of the livest sets that day. Tell us about how it was performing on the tour. Also what is your personal single favorite performance you have been a part of thus far in your career?

Slaine: Another really surreal time in my career. So many legendary acts on the Rock the Bells tour. Really a bugged out thing to be rocking the same stage as cats like KRS and Buckshot, Slick Rick, Busta, Nas, Wu Tang and countless other cats that were these iconic figures that I grew up listening to. To just be on the main stage at Great Woods or whatever the fuck they call it now is something that even in my wildest dreams I think might have been a stretch.

There have really been a lot of favorite performances that I've been a part of. They seem to be getting bigger and bigger. But I think the first really big one I was a part of was Coka in 2006 I think at The Royal Arena Festival in Switzerland. Even though it isn't the biggest crowd I have played in front of now, it was the first really big crowd I ever played in front of. It was 8,000 people and we were headlining. Dialated People and Heltah Skeltah had just tore shit down, and when I looked out at the audience before we went on I couldn't breathe. I threw up like a muthafucka. Then just like that all that anxiety turned into adrenalin. The roar of the crowd was deafening, and it was late at night, everybody was bent. We killed it. We didn't even have a record out yet, it was just the leaks, and they knew every word. We ended with "Jump Around" from House of Pain, and Heltah Skeltah and Dialated came out wildin' out for it too....it was outdoors and the ground was fuckin shaking. That one sticks out because it was the first crowd like that. I still get that feeling when there are that many people. I mean I've done shows in front of 10 people before in Chinese food restaurants, so I appreciate that shit. I know it doesn't last forever.

J-Biggz: So what's good with Special Teamz? Are you Edo. G and Jaysaun going to get together for a follow up album to 2007's "Stereotypez"? If so, would it still be on Duck Down Records?

Slaine: I love our mixtape and album. We were supposed to drop another album before Coka and Edo & Ace came out, but couldn't finish it in time. We have about 12 joints. The timing just wasn't right. Right now, we are all due for solo projects. Its been a while...so we will all spread those songs out on our solo projects, and go back to the lab for another Special Teamz album down the line. We are like brothers. I love recording with those guys.

J-Biggz: Ok glad to hear there will be another Special Teamz album. Slaine how do you feel about the Boston and New England Hip-Hop scene as a whole?

Slaine: I think there is a lot of talent. I've tried to make a point of doing as many songs as possible with cats who are making noise around Boston. It is just so hard to come up in music right now because it has had the rug pulled out from under it. There is no music business anymore really. People don't buy records anymore. There aren't even stores to buy them in. So you really have to do everything indie now, and generate a buzz nationally and internationally on your own in an oversaturated market. It's not just being a good artist anymore, you need to really work hard and be smart on the business, promotion, networking, and most importantly branding tip. The only money to be made is through licensing, touring and merch. And to do that, you have to really make a name. There just isn't a machine in place in Boston, so its hard to learn all the shit you need to learn here, or to plug into the right channels. Shit I been at it a while and pretty successfully but it took me more than a decade to figure it out, and am still trying to figure out how to translate what I got now into more dollars. It ain't easy. I think the scene is brimming with talent...just frustrated because it is so hard to get it out there. If it were the same landscape that existed in the 90s there is no doubt in my mind, you would be seeing 5 or 6 acts breaking through on a major level right now. But if you look around you aren't even seeing 5 or 6 acts break through right now period. Anywhere.

J-Biggz: Aside from your NEHH Artist page ( http://www.newenglandhiphop.com/Slaine/ ), what other websites would you like your fans to check for?

Slaine: www.twitter.com/slainesworld, www.facebook.com/slainehiphop, www.myspace.com/slainehiphop, www.lacokanostra.com

J-Biggz: It's been real Slaine, thank you for your time and we wish you further success my dude. Do you have any final words?

Slaine: Thank you. I'll be working hard, and hopefully getting in a position where I can reach back and hopefully shed some light on what some other people are doing here. Thank you to everyone for the support.

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*** Slaine NEHH Interview ***


Slaine's NEHH Artist Profile: http://www.newenglandhiphop.com/Slaine/

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By Truthspeaks 22 May 2010 10:33 AM Reply

PEACE and RESPECT. DUDE is definately a problem! and his role in gone baby gone couldnt have been played better by anyone else. He fit the MASS street hustler perfect. Swag and All. I'd love to see him get more exposure. And most of all, he sends love back to us. MASSACHUSETTS GOT NOW.


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By Ricky Stix 12 Apr 2010 12:11 PM Reply

slaine is one of the best. he gives a very entertaining interview to.

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By Cici (unregistered) 07 Apr 2010 12:13 PM Reply

i did not know he was in gone baby gone. i love that movie! slaine gave probably the best interview on here. i want more.

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By Reed 15 Mar 2010 11:49 PM Reply

Oh and i just saw gone baby gone today for the first time good job cant wait to see the new shit

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By Kelly VT 08 Mar 2010 05:42 PM Reply

Real good view and i love the videos u have as well

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By Uniqu3 07 Mar 2010 07:26 PM Reply

Great interview

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By shurm85 03 Mar 2010 10:19 AM Reply

Good read Slaine. Nice interview.

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The man got skills much respect

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good interview.

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Poker pussy and music bingooooooooo

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he got some big things goin down. impressive fa sho.

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Ths big slaine is on point SALUTE

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By Gina 22 Feb 2010 09:17 PM Reply

Nice interview,yup

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By Loving Vermont 22 Feb 2010 02:05 PM Reply

Big things in the works for him,how nice

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By MeghanRI (unregistered) 21 Feb 2010 05:47 PM Reply

He was so good at the show in RI. Nice interview very interesting. ;)

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By Jeff (unregistered) 21 Feb 2010 05:06 PM Reply

yeah yeah good interview dude. slaine is a great business man too obviously.

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By Alyssa (unregistered) 21 Feb 2010 04:51 PM Reply

Excellent interview. I really enjoyed reading that. I learned a lot about Slaine. Does he have a new song out?

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By PortlandMarco (unregistered) 21 Feb 2010 04:04 PM Reply

Slaine is 1 of my favorites. Nobody is really doing it bigger are they?

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